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The South Coasts ONLY local, hit music countdown is coming to Sundays from 3pm to 6pm!…

Traffic delays on Sapphire Coast Drive expected this Monday

Jan 30, 2015
By LOUISE AYLING Motorists can expect to experience traffic delays on Sapphire Coast…

School bus full of kids rolls on Towomba Road

Jan 30, 2015
By LOUISE AYLING A bus of schoolchildren have escaped major injury after their bus rolled…

Tathra paedophile to be sentenced on Monday

Jan 30, 2015
By LOUISE AYLING Former Bega Cheese CEO and Confessed paedophile Maurice Van Ryn will be…

Helicopter call-out in Kioloa prompts warning to locals of dangerous surf conditions

Jan 30, 2015
By LOUISE AYLING Residents along the Far South Coast are urged to exercise extreme…

Ted is back!

Jan 30, 2015
Ted is back... need I say more? Mark Wahlberg does return but Mila Kunis has been…

Taylor says she just... DIED... ya'll...

Jan 30, 2015
And there ya have it... Taylor says she just died... WHY? you ask... because Madonna just…

What is the world is GOGGLEBOX?

Jan 30, 2015
So party people have you heard of GOGGLEBOX? I have seen the adds and it looks...…

Smiley Face Cows

Jan 30, 2015
OK... so the picture attached is a little bit doctored... but wait until you see what one…

Woah Oh Oh

Jan 29, 2015
There are only so many words in the English Language. And of those words there are only…

Would you eat Vegemite Pizza?

Jan 22, 2015
Pizza Hut is celebrating Australia Day is an interesting way…. That is not a hoax- that…

Adam Levine’s a Wedding Crasher

Jan 15, 2015
If you were to have a celebrity crash your wedding who would you want? Beyonce? Bill…

If only it were real….

Jan 14, 2015
Ads have stepped it up a notch in recent years. Gone are the days of the simple voice…
Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is looking for some cast mates to sail the high seas with him…

Jan 02, 2015
If you’re like me and have some tatts somewhere on your body… or if you have had any…

Paramore front woman gets engaged!

Jan 02, 2015
      Lead singer of Paramore- Hayley Williams got engaged! Woot woot! The wonderful…
Geordi Hoverboard bitstrip

Did Back To The Future lie to us???

Jan 02, 2015
  So 2015 is upon us and if you were like me and watched Back to the Future…

Sad news for cartoon lovers (from the 90’s)

Dec 31, 2014
    Christine Cavanaugh… voice actress extraordinaire… has passed away at the age of 51.…
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ted2trailer ada57

Ted 2 is on its way so here's the trailer

Jan 29, 2015
The world's favourite foul mouthed plush toy is making his return to the big…
tennisdog 879a6

George the Golden Retriever loves his tennis

Jan 29, 2015
We're pretty sure George has no idea who Maria Sharapova andEkaterina Makarova but…
records ccc37

Old fashioned vinyl is setting new records

Jan 28, 2015
We might be in the middle of a digital revolution but it looks like someone forgot to…
fantastic5 fd3c6

First look at new Fantastic 4 re-boot

Jan 27, 2015
There's no stopping the Marvel movie juggernaut, not even apparent failures. The…
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