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Reports of Harrison Ford seriously injured in plane crash

Mar 05, 2015
Reports are coming through from US media that the Star Wars/Indiana Jones star has…
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Is Wheel of Fortune REALLY this difficult?

Mar 05, 2015
How hard is it people? This Wheel of Fortune game is a pretty hard one, apparently.…
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'Taekwondo student creed' by Sophie

Mar 05, 2015
Since being posted three weeks ago, this video of three-year-old Sophie has only…

Guy Sebastian: our great Eurovision hope?

Mar 04, 2015
Australia will be competing in the next Eurovision song competition and we'll be…

Brown mountain reduced to one lane from next Tuesday

Mar 06, 2015
By LOUISE AYLING Brown Mountain will be reduced to one lane from Tuesday to prepare for…
Paracentrotus lividus hold in hand

Purple sea urchin on the menu at this year's Eat Merimbula

Mar 06, 2015
By LOUISE AYLING Purple sea urchin and local kingfish will be on the menu this weekend,…
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Pacific Pearl back for more of what Eden has to offer

Mar 06, 2015
A 2,000 passenger cruise ship has embarked on Eden waters today once again, following its…
BB bridge

Bay Bridge Proposal under fire for lack of community consultation

Mar 06, 2015
By LOUISE AYLING An election promise to duplicate the Batemans Bay bridge has yet to be…

Hillary Clinton the Action Figure!

Mar 06, 2015
Hillary Clinton may soon become a kick-ass action figure! Seems that a Kickstarter…

Eat Merimbula This Sunday

Mar 06, 2015
I can tell my eating pants will come out of the cuopboard this weekend. "Eat Merimbula"…

Scottish Backpacker leaves a sign for guy with dog!

Mar 05, 2015
Sarah... who is a backpacker from Scotland... was enjoying some time on the beach in…

Mayor Lindsay Brown Talks Prostate Cancer Scare

Mar 05, 2015
This morning on the show Geordi and I caught up with Eurobodalla Shire Council Mayor…

Welp, I know what I'm doing this weekend

Mar 06, 2015
Guys, I need to borrow 5,319 books! ...for no reason After watching a company in the UK…

Aussies sure do love their TV

Mar 05, 2015
The things we would do for television! South Australia is actually planning on changing…

How to act like your favourite movie stars

Mar 03, 2015
Ever wanted an Oscar but you're lacking the talent to get one? Now YOU can join the best…

Is Iggy in trouble with the law?

Mar 02, 2015
Is Iggy Azalea in trouble with the law? Why is she being arrested? What has the Aussie…

Virtual reality just reality? Why?

Mar 06, 2015
Sooooo here we go a simulator where you do jobs? Cook? Clean? Why not just spend time…
cup-of- coffee

The benefits of having a good coffee

Mar 04, 2015
Love your coffee? Well you can love it even more now after experts have stated that…

care for a coke and mentos bath?

Mar 03, 2015
Well a coke and mentos bath isn't something I'd necessarily go for until I saw this and…
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Kanye West a www.loser.com?

Mar 02, 2015
Woah Woah Woah Stop the clock, Kanye is the butt of the internet right now if you go to…
Maximum Music Weekend




Can Australia take out the Cricket World cup?