Why does Swiss cheese have those holes? We have the answer!

May 29, 2015
It has been hay all along. Yep, that’s right. Small particles of hay in the milk used to…

Batman vs Joker: First look at epic Suicide Squad set

May 29, 2015
Australian actress Margot Robbie has appeared in the first pictures from the new Batman…

Beyonce really can dance to anything, social media proves it

May 29, 2015
Type #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat into social media and you will be lost for hours. A new trend…

EA’s FIFA adds female players and gamers are mad

May 29, 2015
Ladies will be joining the playing team in FIFA 16, set for release later this year. EA…
VRA toilet f455b

Bega VRA save man trapped in public toilets

May 29, 2015
By LOUISE AYLING Rescue crews have saved a man from a rather sticky situation after the…
CL ICON 39eb9

Renewed hope for emergency accomodation in Batemans Bay

May 29, 2015
By LOUISE AYLING Batemans Bay Emergency accommodation provider Hope Place has received a…
Bega Cows 98d44

South-East residents invited to nominate "LEGENDAIRY" towns

May 28, 2015
By LOUISE AYLING Residents in the South-East are invited to nominate their local town as…
Looking south at power poles Gibraltar Farm 1559071 557b9

Power-out hits 9,000 Bega Valley residents

May 28, 2015
By LOUISE AYLING Approximately 9,000 people were thrown into darkness yesterday after a…
ReginaMeanGirls d033e

Deleted scene from Mean Girls has appeared online

May 29, 2015
In a newly resurfaced scene from “Mean Girls”... Regina (played by Rachel McAdams)…
50shadesoftubby e0528

50 Shades of Tubby

May 29, 2015
HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA never saw 50 Shades of Gray... but this... I would go see this!…
Catcartoon 3cf68

Singing cat is really cool! Well it meows more than it sings... but still...

May 29, 2015
Awwww cuteness at its best! Some guy out there has recorded his cat "singing" Well he is…
DwayneJohnsonStateOfOrigin 3ff19

Dwayne Johnson promotes our State Of Origin

May 28, 2015
Well Dwayne knows his footy... back in the day... he played college football for the…

Lose sign language

May 29, 2015
Imagine not being being able to hear. Not being able to hear voices, nature and more…

Point Break 2.0

May 28, 2015
Remember the 90's cult classic Point Break? How could you forget that hair?! Well, Utah…
Maccas fries cf318

How to make Macca's French Fries!

May 27, 2015
Caution: Learning the following could be very dangerous to your waistline..... Ever…
swift1 14346

Taylor Swift Animated

May 21, 2015
What do you get when you cross Taylor Swift with 50 animation students. One weird, yet…

Is the Parma really ugly?

Apr 13, 2015
I love a good parma as much as the next guy. But is it really THAT ugly? It's being said…

Girl claims to have seen every video online only to end up in one herself!

Apr 09, 2015
So this girl got the fright of her life when she told her dad she had seen every trick in…

Ever wonder what e-mail would look like in real life?

Apr 08, 2015
Remember the guys that brought you things you can't do when you're not a toddler? Well…

Australians Trying Outback Steakhouse For The First Time

Apr 07, 2015
It's always interesting to find out if restaurants overseas actually do the right cuisine…
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