Virtual fencing reducing roadkill in Eurobodalla and Bega preparing for memorial celebrations

May 17, 2024 9:24 am in by

Have you ever heard of virtual fencing?  

No – it’s not a cool new video game, but high-end technology that in a NSW first, is quite literally being road-tested on the Far South Coast to reduce the amount of roadkill in the region.

We catch up with a few of the people who have been key drivers in the program across the Eurobodalla in this week’s episode of iHeart Far South Coast and discuss how it works, where it’s being rolled out, the cost to install and maintain the technology and what it could mean for motorists and our wildlife in the future.

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Plus in the second part of this week’s podcast a Bega Soldiers Memorial built in 1924 at a cost of 2000 pounds that was unveiled by the mothers of soliders killed in action during the First World War, celebrates 100 years. 

Listen to this week’s episode of iHeart Far South Coast below.

Images: Eurobodalla Shire Council, James Fennessy/ARN