South Coast local finds new look with new career

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TAFE NSW Moruya is sharpening the skills of future barbers to enter the industry as the demand for qualified barbers is surging. This comes as World Barber Day approaches on Friday (September 16).

Despite the fact barbering dates back to Ancient Egypt, the future looks bright for aspiring barbers thanks to growing trends in male grooming, with Australian men spending $7 billion on grooming products every year.

TAFE NSW Barbering Teacher Jenelle Charlton said TAFE is supporting the industry through a wide range of training pathways, from short courses in specific barbering techniques, to apprenticeships, and salon management.

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“Barbering is a great career because not only is the job hands-on and social, qualified barbers are in high demand,” Ms Charlton said.

“There is so much more to barbering than cutting hair. From holding clippers correctly to hygiene standards, being qualified is what keeps the industry reputable and safe.

“We’ve come a long way from traditional straight or taper cuts. New tools of the trade and changing customer needs have shaped a growing skills demand in the latest equipment and techniques.”

Ms Charlton is also seeing modern barbershop owners undertake further training to grow their business and provide additional services in beauty, massage, and responsible service of alcohol.

Ulladulla’s Chris Bashford found himself in search of a new career after being medically discharged from the Australian Navy and chose Moruya TAFE for a new professional chapter.

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“After breaking my back and almost five years of service I had to figure out what I was going to do,” Mr Bashford said.

“I wanted a job in an industry that was continually evolving, had room for growth and where I could finish a job and stand back and see what I’d completed,” he said.

“Barbering fit the bill and ticked a lot of boxes for me, especially that it was something I could look at and say I did that, there’s so much artistry in what barbers do.

“My TAFE teachers were phenomenal and I learned so much about the technical side of the job outside of just cutting, like colours.”

The nationally accredited Certificate III in Barbering is a fully government-subsidised JobTrainer course for those who meet eligibility criteria.

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To find out more about barbering courses on offer at TAFE NSW click HERE or call 131 601.



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