Screen time shift: Should teens wait until 16?

June 7, 2024 12:47 pm in by

A petition to raise the legal age kids in Australia can access social media from 13 to 16 has started a conversation on the Far South Coast.

The 36 months petition at has around 100,000 signatures and has gathered support across the country including from Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese.

On this week’s edition of the iHeart Far South Coast podcast, we speak with a Bega Valley mum of two, Natalie, about what’s happening with some of our young people and their social media use.

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We also catch up with Luke Foster, who is a mental health clinician and social worker at HeadSpace Bega, which does amazing talk therapy work with young people aged 12 – 25, presenting with depression, anxiety, school avoidance, a wide range of mental health issues.

So, is there any real merit in the idea to raise the age? Tune in to the podcast then let us know what you think at the station’s Facebook page.

Image: ARN Bega Bay