Locals warned of invasive weed species around Bega

August 28, 2023 9:08 am in by

Bega Valley residents are being asked to keep an eye out for an invasive weed species, which can potentially clog waterways and kill native fish and plants.

Frogbit, or Amazon frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) is a floating water weed native to Central America.

It has small, round glossy leaves and grows very quickly, forming dense mats over water bodies and potentially harming native wildlife.

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While it is popular to use in fish tanks and ponds, it is a prohibited weed in NSW and must not be sold, traded or be in your possession.

Unfortunately, this weed is not illegal to sell within Victoria and can easily be found online and potentially brought into NSW for use in aquariums and ponds.

If you suspect frogbit is in your yard or our waterways or for sale at a market, shop or online, please call the NSW DPI Biosecurity Helpline 1800 680 244 or Council’s Biosecurity Department on (02) 6499,2222, which can assist in identification and eradication.