Breakfast with Kimbo and Brad


Brad has returned to breakfast radio after a short time teaching because he wants fewer holidays, insanely early starts, and the chance to work with less mature people. Impulsive and irrational decisions like this are why Brad doesn't adult well.

After living on the Sunshine Coast for the past nine years he's relocated to Tura Beach, which he reckons is just as beautiful, although the water is a little colder.

Brad is known to laugh loudly at inappropriate times, frequently nerds out over new gadgets and movies, and dances like only his cat 'Dash' is watching. When not on air Brad spends his time listening to metal, travelling whenever possible, and hunting for delicious Japanese food





HUTZY Originally from the Gong, Hutzy spent a few years growing up in Bega. Hutzy is a lover of most sports, Cricket and Baseball especially. Fun fact; he was once considered for a leading role in a school play until Matt Damon showed up. Big fan of comedy movies and anything that adds a bit of flavor to the situation. He also has a nerdy side as he is yet to find a worthy challenger for Decathlon on the Atari 2600. All great stories should finish with a famous quote so Hutzy quotes John Goodman - “Don’t You Tell Me What to Do Roseanne, I’m A Grown Man”