Concerns raised by council following a string of trespassing incidents at Tathra Wharf

August 10, 2023 9:23 am in by
Image supplied by Bega Valley Shire Council.

The discovery of campfire remnants at the Tathra Wharf has prompted renewed calls for locals to report any suspicious behaviour they see in the area.

Council’s Director of Assets and Operations, Ian Macfarlane says the incident, which was extremely close to the new post and rail fence, is a real concern.

“If the fence caught fire, it could very easily have spread to the wharf building, which would have gone up like a bonfire,” Mr Macfarlane says.

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“This incident is the latest in an ongoing series impacting the wharf restoration project and public safety.

“We’ve also had people using socket spanners and wire cutters to trespass onto the other side of the fenced off areas where the restoration works are being carried out and ‘No Access’ signage has been removed from the temporary fencing,” he says.

“The wharf restoration project is very important to the Tathra community and the rest of the shire. These incidents are unnecessary and cause delays.”