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PBB Nominate a firey

Congratulations to Robert McCloughan from Sunshine Bay who has won the 3 day cruise out of Sydney. He was nominated by Natalie Stevenson who had this to say about Robert: 

"I would like to nominate Rob for a couple of reasons. The first reason is the bravery that Rob has shown not only while fighting this fire that has impacted Batemans Bay and surrounding but the many other fires he has fought this fire season.  Rob has not stopped fighting fires throughout this whole fire season whether it be locally or on a deployment up to northern NSW.  He has led crews throughout this whole season, and showed amazing leadership skills by taking his experience of being in the RFS for fourteen years and leading new firefighters that have never seen such a major fire before. He made sure they were safe and well, he made sure they came first over anything while still defending people's properties and guaranteeing the public safety. The second reason is the mental toll it has taken on Rob. Rob had to watch numerous houses burn down in front of him knowing he could not do anything to save those homes because they were already full alight when he got there instead he had to make sure the neighbouring houses were safe. He also carries the loss of his brothers house deeply in his heart because he believes if he had gotten to his brothers house sooner he could saved it instead he was saving other peoples houses. There are plenty of firefighters who deserve this holiday I just believe Rob needs the time away to mentally heal and recover from the mental impact this fire season has had on him, so he can come back stronger  and ready to lead his crews into battle once more against mother nature and her fire."

The winner of the 10 day cruise to the South Pacific is the entire Tuross Head Fire Brigade. They were nominated by Kirsty Robertson who said: 

  "They kept everyone up to date, even though they were busy fighting fires each night when they got back they up dated there page so we were informed."