NSW BEG PBB Secret Sound 1200x600


secret sound #12! 


register below and to get the call from brad and hutzy to guess the secret sound worth $500 at harvey norman tura Beach or Batemans Bay

hint: the item makes this sound when you first get it ready to use. it might live in your wardrobe, or be hiding somewhere in the house. you probably own a few types of this item.

Here's the incorrect guesses:

  • Ripping velcro
  • Removing masking tape from roll
  • Removing packaging tape from a cardboard box
  • Pouring water into a container
  • Putting masking tape onto a box
  • Using a stanley knife on a box
  • Ripping paper using the edge of a table
  • Picking the tape off a box with your fingernail
  • Using a guillotine to cut pape
  • Tearing fabric
  • Cutting up a box
  • Tuning in a radio
  • Cutting wrapping paper with scissors
  • Cutting cling wrap with the guillotine on the box
  • Fireworks
  • Removing a big screen tv from the box
  • Removing plastic screen from new mobile/tablet
  • Taking a new mattress out of the plastic
  • Taking polystyrene packaging out of the box
  • Removing the seal on a new container of Damp Rid
  • Sliding a coathanger on the wardrobe rail
  • Peeling a sticker off a new shirt
  • Taking the scrunched up paper out of a new pair of shoes
  • Delinting a piece of clothing with a lint brush
  • Putting new scent satchets in the wardrobe
  • Putting on a rain jacket

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