NSW BEG PBB Secret Sound 1200x600

Test your ears each morning at 8am with Brad & Hutzy when they play Power FM's Secret Sound!

There are hundreds of dollars to spend at Harvey Norman on the line... We start at $200 and the jackpot goes up $10 each day the Secret Sound isn't guessed.

Want to have dibs in getting a guess through? Fill in your details and Brad & Hutzy could call you for a shot at the prize pool.

(Please note, we are unable to accept any guesses outside the Secret Sound game time at 8am weekdays).

Listen to the new sound above and register below to get the call from Brad and Hutzy on the Power FM Breakfast Show. Guess the sound and you'll win $350 to spend at Harvey Norman Batemans Bay or Tura Beach!

These are some of the things the sound isn't...

  • Static on the radio
  • The needle dropping onto a vinyl record
  • Testing a microphone
  • Slowly crushing a packet of chips
  • Using a welder
  • Peeling velcro
  • Lighting a sparkler
  • Pushing on 3d pin art with your hand
  • Plugging in an audio cable/headphones
  • Popping bubble wrap
  • Striking a match
  • Insert a USB stick
  • Pushing radio preset buttons on a car stereo
  • Slowly pushing a straw into the lid on a Maccas drink

***Here's a hint: The sound is made by pushing something and there is no electricity involved***

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