Sandra Bullock deals with leeches and Tatum's man bits

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lost city leeches scene

Sandra Bullock has shared a hilarious story about coming face to face with a very naked Channing Tatum and a bunch of leeches.

The scene is in Bullock’s latest movie The Lost City, which sees her having to inspect Tatum’s man bits for the blood-sucking creatures.

Bullock produced the movie and plays romance novelist Loretta Sage who gets kidnapped by an evil billionaire played by Daniel Radcliffe. 

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Channing Tatum is Alan, the book’s hunky cover model for the story’s hero ‘Dash’, who tries to be a real-life hero and rescue Loretta.

On day 2 of filming the action adventure comedy, Tatum gets leeches on his back and takes off all his clothes so Bullock’s character can remove them.

Of course, the Magic Mike actor is no stranger to stripping, so it was Bullock who had to find her focus. And she did… but only just!

In the scene, Tatum is shirtless and then he drops his pants so he’s butt naked and then he turns around to face Bullock.

Bullock says none of it was CGI

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“No. [I’m] fully there,” Bullock has hilariously admitted to The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert. “Full on… face to face with… uh… the landscape.”

That landscape, of course, is Tatum’s genitals, which we can’t see in the trailer, but it turns out Sandra didn’t see much of them either.

“In all honesty when you’re down there and you have two pages of dialogue, if you’re looking directly at it you’ll get nothing done,” she said to Colbert.

“So I looked at his left thigh, just like the crease between the… that area,” she continued, struggling to explain with hand gestures and much laughter.

“I had to look down where it might be… and I focused more on the left inner thigh.”

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Check out the blooper reel of the scene here:

Stepping away from Hollywood

Bullock has announced The Lost City will be her last film for a while.

She told Entertainment Tonight she wants to focus on being a mum to her two children, Louie and Lila.

“Work is 24/7 and I just want to be 24/7 with my babies and my family,” she explained.

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The 57 year old said she doesn’t know how long that will be, but her children are 10 and 12, so it may well be some years.

The Lost City comes to Australian cinemas from April 14.

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