Fairly Local Family Hasn't Used Toilet Paper in 3 Years

May 26, 2022 12:53 am in by

Think back to only a few months ago when you would be at the supermarket and the toilet paper aisle was a barren wasteland of forgotten dreams. 

You’d be searching for the packet with the familiar cute cuddly puppy picture and instead be left thinking of how you would be able to deal with an inevitable issue later that day or night.

Well one family has given up the search and instead decided to go “TP Free” and the amazing thing is they have been doing it for 3 years, so they never had to deal with a shortage.

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They released this video to show others just how they do it and the system is not for everybody.

Mother of 3 and Youtuber Amber Allen (The Fairly Local Family) even says at the beginning “this is one of my grossest videos probably, but you guys love these videos”

They started removing toilet paper from their lives to get out of debt, making life-changing decisions in order to get ahead.

She chose to research alternate options to loo paper and found reusable cloth wipes were a popular choice online.

Rather than purchase new cloth though, she cut up old clothes and blankets from thrift stores, Facebook Market place and other stores and gave them new life as homemade dunny paper.

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When the wipes are “soiled” they go in a bucket and wash them every second day (in a separate load to the clothing)

If the toilet paper thing doesn’t shock you enough, they even cancelled their Netflix subscription, that’s when you know they were serious.



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