New TikTok microwave hack is blowing minds as ice cube doesn't melt


Turns out the secret to perfectly reheated rice is a single ice cube, but why? And how come it doesn't melt?

Emily Mariko, a TikToker famed for her food, fashion and lifestyle hacks, has got us feeling impressed and confused by her latest cooking video.

Emily can be seen pulling leftover salmon and rice from her fridge before placing them both on a plate. She then adds a single ice cube to the top of the rice, covers it with parchment paper and pops it in the microwave. When she gets it out of the microwave, the ice hasn't melted but the food is heated. 



♬ original sound - Emily Mariko

So, firstly what on earth is the ice for? Secondly, why doesn't that stubborn little thing melt?

We weren't the only ones wondering. One user commented, "I'll never understand what the ice cube is for," while another said, "can someone tell me what's the ice in the rice for??".

Turns out, adding an ice cube to rice in the microwave creates steam which keeps your rice moist and delicious.

And why doesn't it melt? Thankfully, another TikToker jumped in to explain.

"For anyone wondering the ice doesn't melt because the ice molecules are locked together by hydrogen bonds, which stop the water molecules from rotating, which means the ice can't absorb much energy from the microwave, which means the ice doesn't heat up."

When asked to explain that in English, the user wrote, "the ice is too tight and the microwave vibes can't get through". Makes sense!


Best lunch of the week!

♬ original sound - Emily Mariko

Now excuse me, I'm off to make rice with a side of ice!

Image Credit: emilymariko / TikTok