Kmart Pic Was Beautiful Until They Spotted This

There's no doubt that some things you get from K-Mart are absolute gems, while others are just.. well.. "poop" as one TikTok user has discovered.

The short video starts with "I thought this picture from Kmart was beautiful" and at first glance it really is. A lovely serene picture of the beach. 

Things are about to take a turn though.


I cannot unsee 🙈 ##dogpoo ##beach ##kmart ##kmartaustralia ##australia ##kmartfinds

♬ dire dire docks - Angela

She continues, "We hung it above our bed".

Right.. nice place to put it I guess. I would have chosen a hallway or in the lounge room.. or as it turns out, the toilet

because as she says "Then we saw the Dog Poo".

But is that what it is? 

The internet is divided with some saying it could be "A Rock" or some "bark" but we think that @monimooshroom might have just got it right in the first place.

So if nothing else its sits there, above her bed, as a friendly reminder to everyone to clean up after your dog at the beach.