Video Game Sales Breaking Records

The sale of video games using digital means has reportedly hit a record high globally in March 2020 as consumers everywhere are using gaming to combat boredom while in self-isolation and practising social distancing rules.

In fact, it's reported that revenue topped $10 billion last month which is the highest-ever total for a single month and a massive 11% increase year-over-year according to Nielsen’s SuperData.

The big games released in that month included the Nintendo Switch “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” The fast-paced action shooter “Doom Eternal” and multiplayer record-breaking franchise “Call of Duty: Warzone”. Each of these titles played a big part in generating those sales. But it wasn't just the games doing well. Consoles were up too, which is strange considering the current consoles are in the last year of their cycle with new models being released later this year.

While the movie industry effectively shuts down and people look for entertainment, it's good to know that the gaming industry is here to provide it.