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Bill and Ted are coming back!

Plot Details For Bill and Ted 3

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is one of those classic movies from the 80s that you just can’t fault. The pair went on an adventure through time to collect people from history for a school report and then, in 1991, they went on a bogus journey to eliminate their own evil clones.

Now 27 years later Bill & Ted are about to have yet another adventure! It’s been report and now confirmed by a number of sources that Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, who played Bill and Ted in the films, will be returning for a third film called Bill & Ted Face The Music.

This time around, the pair will be trying to make good of their destiny, which is to bring peace to the world with righteous tunes. They'll be getting help from their families, because they're middle-aged now and so of course, they have families, and will also be hopping through time.

No release date has been confirmed yet but surely it can’t be far! Rock on dudes!