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Sugar shock

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Here we are, heading into the greatest weekend of the year, Easter long weekend. 

4 days to relax, consume loads of chocolate and spend some much needed time on the couch without feeling guilty. 

Well, not too guilty, but did you know just how much sugar is in the bag of mini eggs you just consumed or the 4 bunnies chilling in your fridge?

Sorry to do this to you but check this out...

TYPE                                           CALORIES           TEASPOON OF SUGAR           TIME TO BURN OFF*

6gm mini egg                                     33                                     1                                       3 MINS     

Cadbury Creme Egg                        150                                     5                                      25 MINS

200 gm Bunny                                 1100                                   27                                   1 Hr 45 MINS

600 gms Ferrero Rocher                 3520                                  72                                    5 Hrs 30 MINS


I don't want to ruin your egg eating plans this long weekend, but I just wanted to share. 

Happy Easter!!