Tuckshop time warp!

Paper bag

People are losing their minds over a Facebook post showing food and drink prices at the Berala Public School canteen (or 'tuckshop' for you Mexicans) from way back in 1974! Check it out:

74 tuckshop menu

Ice finger buns 9 cents?! Pack of Twisties 6 cents?! In fact there is nothing on the menu over 20 cents, so think about that as you eat the measly smashed avo on toast that you paid $9 for. Everyone here in the Power FM office had a Grandpa Simpson style 'back in my day' moment when they saw the menu as they reminisced about those times at school when you'd hand over a couple of dollars in a brown paper bag with your order written on it, and at lunch get the bag back loaded up with tasty treats prepared by the angels in the canteen. Those were the days!