Decluttering - you're doing it wrong!


Lately I've been decluttering my garage. Carefully choosing which stuff I will keep; convincing myself which stuff is still useful (I will use that cross-trainer for more than drying clothes one day); and flogging the remaining old useless junk online to the highest bidder. It feels great to tidy up the home, plus it's faster and easier than attempting any long-term personal improvement.

So you can understand why people are raving about the new Netflix show Tidying Up with decluttering queen Marie Kondo. She helps people drowning in the stuff they own sort it out and put it in the right place - so they can make a mess when they knock it all over attempting the Bird Box challenge.

Do you know the best way to fold your clothes? (no the answer is not: "Get mum to do it"). Check out the video to find out.

- Brad