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Kimbo shares personal experience for R U OK? Day


Every year we are encouraged to ask a very important question, R U OK? in the attempt to help those that may be suffering from mental illness and simply don't feel themselves. Asking this very straight forward question could help start a conversation that matters, help someone open up or at least let them know you are there for them. For years mental health talk has been tucked away behind doors and dismissed in social chit-chat.

It's ok to NOT be ok and there are many people who aren't or haven't been in the past, even Kimbo has had struggles with depression, self doubt and lacked confidence it's not always easy to talk about, but Kimbo gave a bit of insight this morning.
It's time to open the lines of communication and check that your friends and family are ok.
If you need someone to talk to please call Lifeline 13 11 14