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Joe Manganiello plays Dungeons and What?!

Dungeons and dragons

Late Show host Stephen Colbert stunned his audience when he recently spoke with Magic Mike and True Blood super hunk Joe Manganiello. Not about ways to achieve that perfect V muscle, or how to properly apply baby oil to your muscles for that all over shine. Nope, the pair had a nine minute chat about Dungeons and Dragons!

Yep, before Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, geeks like myself got our fantasy fix hanging out in garages spending hours playing the classic roleplaying game D&D. Rolling dice, keeping track of HP, and stuffing our face with chips in the real world, while in our minds we were killing Kobolds, fleeing Beholders, and backstabbing each other over +3 longswords we'd found in a Wizard's dungeon. So much fun!

It's nice to know that underneath Joe Manganellio's beefy pec muscles beats the hard of a D&D geek like me. It's something we have in common, aside from the smoldering good looks and rock hard abs of course :P

- Brad