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Bancroft sticks it to get wickets!


Cricket Australia is in crisis mode after bowler Cameron Bancroft was busted tampering with the ball in the third test against South Africa on Saturday. The cameras caught the look of pain on Bancroft's face when he confessed to rubbing yellow tape on the ball to give it more swing, and also his look of pain when he ripped off the tape he'd tried to hide down the front of his underpants. Yowch!

Australian captain Steve Smith (picture above) and vice captain Dave Warner have been stood down in the wake of the scandal which we have dubbed #Tapegate (we originally tried #Stickyballs, but it didn't catch on for some reason). What do you think should happen to those involved in this cheating conspiracy? Temporary suspension? Life long bans? Or the worst punishment: being forced to endure the frustration of searching for the end of the cheap sticky tape when wrapping Christmas presents? Tell us your thoughts below!