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Have any Harry Potter books lying around? You could be sitting on a goldmine!



If your bookshelf is due for a bit of a clear out, might be worth keeping an eye out for a particular copy of Harry Potter which is selling for a bonza!

The version in question, is Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone in hardback, published by Bloomsbury with Harry pictured on the front of the Hogwarts Express. 

These editions are said to be worth up to $78,000 AUD!

ALSO if your edition, like 500 around the world, has a specific typo you could be sitting on a goldmine!

Editions with a rare typo on page 53 of the book are selling for heaps, so keep an eye out for the double-up of "1 wand" in Harry's Hogwarts list. 

Hardback editions of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets are also said to be worth around $12,500 AUD so definitely worth looking into!