Good size trevally in abundance in Merimbula and Pambula lakes


Photo Caption: Club Treasurer Keryn Wilkins and her granddaughter Olivia, with Graham Bywaters disguised as Father Christmas enjoy MBGLAC's 
Xmas party last week.

Inshore the waters are warming nicely and good catches of luderick and trevally are giving anglers lots of excitement. Lovely trevally are on the chew all along the Merimbula channel down from the bridge and in the Pambula channel near the Shark Hole. Best time is low tide with both soft plastics or pilchard baits.

Don’t be surprised to hook a bream or a dusky flathead. Tailor will become more active as the moon wanes and prawns become more available.

Offshore the warming waters have produced some striped tuna and marlin have been sighted at the 70 fathom mark. Lots of bait fish (slimy mackerel) are about which is a great inducement for the pelagics to feed in our waters. Morwong remain plentiful and respond to bait, micro jigs and soft plastics.

During the full moon gummy shark have been active, best to anchor beside the reefs with a deep burley pot. Try slimy mackerel heads that give the gummys time to get to the bait before it is taken by the smaller reef fish. Snapper are patchy at our local reefs try White Rock, Long Point, Haycock and south to Lennards and Boyds Tower.

At Merimbula calamari squid are available morning and evening. Best results from prawn-like slow sinking jigs. Bag out catches of good size luderick are
possible from the early morning and late afternoon runs. Try artificial weed lures. Good sand flathead are available but patchy. You need a good drift to find the
right spot then go back again and again. Try north of Tathra near Bithry Inlet and Gillards. Chinamen leatherjackets remain prolific especially in the deeper waters.

Try 17 fathoms south of Turingal headland where although patchy there are some lovely fish. Others are off Bournda Island and Tura Headland.
Get prepared for the next prawn run close to Christmas. Best in the Merimbula channel down to Fishpen. Look for the run out tide when there is no moon.
Dusky flathead remain active at Mogareeka with lovely bream at the Bridge and upstream beside the rock wall. Try soft plastics, metal vibes and of course live
nippers. Practice catch and release with these fine fish.

The Club’s 84 th historic Gala and Monster Charity Fresh Fish auction at Spencer Park on 5 January is drawing closer. Assisted by Merimbula Marine Rescue there
will be a great lunchtime BBQ and refreshments so visitors can enjoy an in-park picnic. Shortly after midday there will be light musical entertainment by local
band Chill Set featuring blues, jazz, soft rock and funk influences. Drawing of the annual Kayak raffle will follow the Monster Fresh Fish Auction which commences approximately 2.30pm.

The Club will be open this Friday 20 December coinciding with the end of school term. Visitors are welcome, come one and all and enjoy the ambience, fishing report, friendship and lovely views with very competitive bar prices. Membership Application, Membership Renewal
and everything you need to know about local fishing is on the Club’s Website: All enquires to Peter Haar 0417 021 066.