Personal bests with Broulee runners this week and some new faces


Georgia Finlay and Carla Berry are new runners with the club. 

This was the Broulee Runners last event under daylight saving time and next week  the runners will be starting at 4.30pm. 

This week there were 35 results recorded with a mixture of virtual and actual runners. The runners welcomed Georgia Finlay and Carla Berry who had their first run with the group. Carla has moved from Yorkshire in the North of England and now lives in Batehaven. Georgia has a local connection and comes from Canberra.

Personal best times were recorded by Harper Lasscock, Clare Knight, and Eve Popelier-Knight.

In the 2kms results were:

Daniel Greenway 9.19 Harper Lasscock 10.07 Laura Lopresti 11.30 Tony Ireson 11.36 Tom Ireson 12.49 Lily Van Weerdenburg 13.38 Melissa Van Weerdenburg 13.39 Hugo Ireson 13.45 Eve Popelier-Knight 15.03 Clare Knight 15.04 Victoria Fleming 21.03

In the 3.5kms results were: 

David McCann 30.18

In the 5kms results were: 

Daniel Baby 19.19 Tino Lopresti 24.14 Andrew McPherson 24.15 Page Connaughton 26.14 Georgia Finlay 26.20 Jason Domeny 26.28 Dave Connaughton 26.35 Deb Connaughton 26.36 Bernie Lambert 26.37 Greg Castle 26.41 Michael Lambert 27.08 Crystal Aitken 27.19 Phil Timms 28.13 Gill Stapleton 29.50 Carla Berry 30.00 Andrew Greenway 30.26 Simon Wall 31.52 Julianne Domeny 34.07 Tracy Denning 37.10 Lisa Robbins 37.10 Annie Johnsen 39.19 Mike Kennedy 41.20 Robyn Kennedy 59.21