National News

Study shows how coral develops resilience

Unprecedented back-to-back bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef has changed the physiology of tougher coral, making them more resilient to future stress, new research suggests.

India beat shattered Aussies by 31 runs

A shattered Australia, reeling from a dramatic 31-run loss to India at Adelaide Oval that puts them at major risk of an unprecedented Test series defeat, are confident the day-five fight is a sign of greater things to come.

Major parties tussle over refugee risks

Murderers and sex offenders could slip into the country if sick refugees are more easily able to seek medical treatment in Australia, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has warned.

Cowboys to gamble on off the cuff attack

Winger Kyle Feldt has accepted a friendly wager with North Queensland recruit Nene Macdonald to see who will score the most NRL tries after revealing the Cowboys will gamble on a new "off the cuff" attack in 2019.