National News

Assange 'denied access' to lawyers in UK

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been denied access to evidence and even basic items like paper and pens by British prison officials, putting his US extradition case on the brink of judicial review, his lawyer has warned.

Logging makes forest fires worse: experts

Allowing logging in national parks would increase the intensity of bushfires by boosting the amount of flammable fuel and creating additional "kindling", experts have warned.

Titans urged to resist Jai Arrow NRL trade

Gold Coast forward Kevin Proctor has some simple advice for his NRL club when it comes to negotiating a trade with South Sydney for Jai Arrow: just don't do it.

Minister defends handling of $100m fund

A federal minister has refused to apologise despite the auditor-general finding she awarded grants from a $100 million fund based on electorates the coalition wanted to win, rather than merit.

Beijing's air pollution swept elsewhere

Smog-prone regions near Beijing and Shanghai posted big improvements in air quality in late 2019, but pollution in other parts of China worsened as dirty industries were relocated rather than shut down.

Indigenous leaders urge burn policy change

An indigenous burn practitioner has urged fire policy makers to "get the bush between their toes" and cut red tape as his people begin to assess the damage wrought to their country over the summer.