National News

Two new cluster cases in South Australia

Two more cases have been added to South Australia's concerning coronavirus cluster with a couple infected while in hotel quarantine in Adelaide, prompting an investigation into how the virus was transmitted.

COVID-19 passports likely for travellers

Qantas is part of a push by world airlines to require international travellers to prove they've had the coronavirus vaccination before entering or leaving a country on a flight.

NSW-Victoria border opens, no local cases

The NSW-Victoria border is fully open for the first time in more than four months and both states have again recorded no new local COVID-19 cases, setting the scene for a further easing of restrictions.

Ice Bucket Challenge co-creator dead at 37

Patrick Quinn, whose personal battle with ALS helped power the Ice Bucket Challenge fundraising campaign, has died at age 37, seven years after his diagnosis.

COVID-19 victims maintain immunity

Australian researchers have discovered that patients who've been infected with COVID-19 retain immunity against the virus and the disease for at least eight months.