Council's proposed Merimbula sewage ocean outfall on the nose says members of community working group


A member of the community working group that was set up to advise Bega Valley Shire Council on the Merimbula sewage outfall project says Bega Valley Shire Council has ignored the recommendations from a majority of the group.

Former councillor Fraser Buchanan, says eight out of ten of the members of the working group have asked Council to raise the standard of the effluent to a near potable quality so that it can be disposed of without the need for an ocean outfall. 

Council will consider the alignment of the outfall proposed for Merimbula Bay at it's meeting today, as well as the standard of the treatment.

Mr Buchanan says the preferred alignment goes close to the new artificial fishing reef at Merimbula, and he says council is ignoring both the economic and environmental costs associated with putting an outfall into the bay.

He says the bay is sensitive with two estuaries that at times also release a heavy nutrient load and he says within the effluent will also be micro plastics, endocrine disruptors, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals that will be dumped into the bay. 

Listen to more of what Fraser Buchanan has to say here: