Bega Valley cancer patients offered new assistance for car rego


The Cancer Assistance Network, Can Assist, in the Bega Valley has received funding from to help pay for cancer patients’ green slip insurance. Cancer patients in need, and who rely on their car to get to treatment, are encouraged to reach out for help from the local Can Assist Bega branch.

A cancer diagnosis in rural or remote NSW can bring the additional burden of travelling long distances to treatment. Through a new partnership with, Can Assist Bega has received a funding injection to help ease that burden, and help local cancer patients to keep their car on the road when they need it most.

“Some people cannot afford their cars because of the medical costs associated with cancer. Our patients must have their car to get to treatment. Support such as this from is so important and relevant,” said Can Assist Bega Treasurer Irene Heatherington.

“We assist cancer patients across the Bega Valley and throughout the Shire, from Bermagui up north, to Bemboka to our west, and all the way south to the Victorian border. Depending on their cancer, local patients must travel up to three hours to Canberra or Nowra for radiation and specialist treatment, or as far afield as Sydney. Their own car is essential to get to treatment,” said Heatherington. 

Can Assist provides practical and financial support in the form of food vouchers, fuel vouchers, pharmaceuticals, travel, accommodation and utilities payments, to name a few. Patients of all ages have sought support from Can Assist Bega and it wants to help more patients in need, especially with the payment of their compulsory CTP green slip insurance.

Can Assist is a community-based volunteer network, funded entirely by local donations and corporate sponsorship, with all money raised locally staying local. Since launching in 2004, the Bega branch has raised over $620,000 and supported over 400 cancer patients. The requests for support continue to grow.

“Cancer does not discriminate, it affects people of all ages. It is expensive, impacting the patient and entire family, financially and emotionally. For one of our patients, the whole family’s life was impacted when the dad was in chemo and unable to work,” said Can Assist Bega President John Winson.

“A car’s green slip, rego and maintenance are high priorities out here in the bush. Comprehensive insurance is sometimes a luxury but the CTP insurance is compulsory so this donation from is incredibly helpful. We can put more of our fundraising to medical costs because the green slip is being funded through this corporate partnership,” said Winson.

Can Assist Bega invite cancer patients to come forward and seek its financial and practical support. This is as simple as calling 0439 328 634. All enquiries and support are strictly confidential. New volunteers are welcome to join Can Assist Bega as they continue to raise funds and provide much needed support to the community across the Bega shire.