Appeal period for Far South Coast flight school ends


Far South Coast residents who fought against a flight school aimed at the Chinese market, to be built just south of Bega, are expressing relief as the opportunity for the proponents of the flight school to lodge an appeal closes. 

Bega Valley Shire Council says in accordance with Section 8.10 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, the six-month appeal period available to Sports Aviation Australia, the proponents of a Flight School at Frogs Hollow, expired at midnight Tuesday.

A Council spokesman says, "No appeal against the Southern Regional Joint Planning Panel’s decision to uphold the recommendation to refuse the Development Application has been lodged with the NSW Land and Environment Court."

"The contentious proposal was the subject of an exhaustive assessment process undertaken by Council’s Planning and Sustainability Team that resulted in the eventual recommendation to refuse the application.

"In line with Schedule 4A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, Council forwarded the application to the SJRPP for final determination. The Act compels Council to refer certain developments valued at over $5 million to the SJRPP, this includes air transport facilities.

"On top of the staff recommendation, Bega Valley Shire Councillors also made a collective submission to the SRJPP strongly opposing the $10.4 million proposal to extensively develop the existing Frogs Hollow Airfield site – a submission that aligned closely with the huge community opposition."

Mayor Kristy McBain acknowledged "the tireless work done by staff in assessing the DA and the groundswell of locals who stood firm against the proposal".

She said the process "had been very challenging and brought great uncertainty and distress for many people and it is a relief this is now over”.

“It is fantastic to know that those living in the vicinity of Frogs Hollow can continue to enjoy their peaceful surroundings – this is absolutely the right outcome,” she said.