Rex hits out at media after CASA audit finds no safety concerns


Rex's deputy chairman John Sharp, says the airline has been "unequivocally vindicated". Image courtesy Rex. 

The Civil Aviation and Safety Authority has assured Far South Coast residents it's safe to fly with Regional Express airlines. 

CASA recently conducted a two day audit at the maintenance headquarters for Rex at Wagga and spokesman Peter Gibson says it has found no significant safety issues. 

The audit follows allegations made to CASA about safety at the airline through the Engineering Union, which was following up allegations made by a former engineer with the company. 

Mr Gibson says the audit is not a public document, but says CASA "sat down" with Rex on Monday to go through the findings with the airline.  

Mr Gibson spoke to East Coast Radio's Tonia Liosatos about the audit earlier today: 

Meanwhile Rex's deputy chairman John Sharp, says the airline which flies to 60 destinations around Australian, including Merimbula and Moruya, has been "unequivocally vindicated".

He said however "the damage to Rex’s reputation in the minds of some members of the public is great, and will not be completely repaired as the media will not be so enthusiastic in now reporting the truth as they have been in reporting trumped-up and sensational charges that help sell their publications."

Mr Sharp said the audit was in response to a "baseless and scurrilous complaint by a disgruntled engineer and his union that Rex had a bad safety culture."

He said, "The audit report did not issue a single safety finding and did not even find any minor lapses that would warrant a safety observation, an outcome which is a ringing testament to the excellent Safety Management System and Culture within the Rex Group.

"The audit also examined the video provided by an anonymous source to the media that allegedly showed 'rust' on a propeller shaft of a Rex aircraft. The report accepted the evidence that the surface discolouration visible in the video was dirt and very minor surface corrosion.

“The tabloids and other organisations that are behind this should be condemned by all for their irresponsible and unconscionable actions that played on the highly emotive issue of aviation safety to further their personal agenda. Rex will be seeking advice on the appropriate actions to be taken against these irresponsible parties to safeguard the integrity of aviation safety in Australia,” Mr Sharp said.