Labor's Mike Kelly claims victory in Eden Monaro - slams Coalition campaign

mike kelly new picture (1).jpg

Labor's Mike Kelly has claimed victory in Eden Monaro. 

With over 83 per cent of the vote counted Dr Kelly has received 50.96 per cent of the vote on a two-party preferred basis

While the Liberal candidate Fiona Kotvojs is yet to condede defeat Dr Kelly says the result is now beyond doubt. 

He has slammed the Coalition for running a campaign of "lies and deception", which he says has taken Australia into new and dangerous territory.

He says while there were many genuine local and national issues, there never was an inheritance tax or retiree tax. He says this misinformation was repeated time and time again in the media, and shared widely on social media. He has also pointed the finger at Clive Palmer for peddling a lot of the "propaganda" about the 'inheritance tax'. 

Dr Kelly says however he understands there were genuine concerns about Labor's franking credits policy and will be looking to the Labor Party caucus for a change in the policy.