Bega Cheese wins battle of the peanut butter labels against Kraft


The Federal Court has ruled in favour of Bega Cheese in its fight with American food giant Kraft over the label and jars used for its peanut butter. 

Bega Cheese bought the peanut butter assets from Mondelez a subsidiary of Kraft in 2017, however Kraft argued Bega could no longer use labelling similar to its product, which is now being manufactured by subsidiary Heinz. 

Justice David O’Callaghan however found Bega had acquired "all rights" to the peanut butter trade dress when it bought Mondelez.

In a statement Bega said: "We look forward to continuing to produce and supply our customers with our much-loved peanut butter products. Bega Cheese will review the lengthy Federal Court judgment and make any necessary further announcement following this review."