Above average temperatures forecast for Far South Coast

may to july forecast.jpg

The trend of above average temperatures continues. 

The May to July climate outlook, issued  by the Bureau of Meteorology today indicates a drier than average three months is likely for some parts of eastern Australia, including the Far South Coast.

Inland WA and scattered parts of the north are likely to be wetter. However, May is the start of the dry season in northern Australia, which means little or no rainfall is normal at these locations. The rest of the country shows no strong tendency towards a wetter or drier than average three months.

Warmer than average days and nights are likely for May to July. The chances of being warmer than median are very high (greater than 80%) for large parts of northern and eastern Australia for both days and nights.

The main climate drivers for Australia (e.g., El Niño/La Niña and the Indian Ocean Dipole) are neutral. However, the Bureau's climate model suggests there is a chance El Niño will develop in the coming months. If El Niño does develop, it would increase the chances of drier conditions in the south and east.