"If the climate can change, why can't we?" A 10-year old's plea to Australia

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About a thousand people were at the rally and school strike for climate action at Bega today.

About 1000 people, including high school and primary students and their parents have rallied at Littleton Gardens in Bega today, calling for action on climate change.

The students left school, part of a global action, started by 16 year old Swedish Greta Thunberg.

The young people that spoke told those rallied of their fear and concern about the loss of flora and fauna, increased bushfires and storms and their feelings of responsibility to act for future generations. The Adani coalmine was singled out as a "disgusting" proposal. 

Alina Andrew-North, 10, of the Mumbulla School, said, "If you think it's scary being an adult and seeing what's happening, think about being a child and seeing your future being taken away right in front of you. Think of not having a future, well that's how I feel, we want a long joyful life but right now all I can think about is saving what's left of the earth and its resources for the next generation." She posed the question if "the climate can change, why can't we?"

"We want a future that includes fresh air, access to clean drinking clean energy and for as many other living animals to have a safe habitat," she said.  

Djiringanj elder Aunty Colleen who gave the Welcome to Country and said,"We need more of it from these younger ones, because they're all the future, and when we're all dead and gone I'd hate to see what the planet looks like, because it's awful now. 

"The Government has to come forward and do something about it. 

"What I'd like to see is a lot of them working with our people because back then our ancestors were doctors and scientists  they looked after the land and the waters, they were the caretakers the custodians, and it doesn't hurt for them to come and get a little  bit of expertise from our people."