Supermaxis racing along the Far South Coast this morning


The position of the supermaxis just after 9am. 

Supermaxis in the Sydney to Hobart are along the Far South Coast this morning, although the front runners are already out in Bass Strait making their way to Hobart. 

It's the 20th year since six yachtsmen tragically lost their lives in cyclonic weather during the race, with the town of Eden becoming the hub of a difficult and heart-breaking rescue and recovery effort. 

Many Eden residents put up stricken crews, including Jenny Drenkhahn from Eden Maritime Rescue, which was then the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol. Jenny also remembers stretcher beds in the yacht club and on the floor of the rescue organisation. 

Racegoers will observe a minute's silence today to remember the tragedy, which led to many changes in how the race was conducted. One of the changes was the implementation of the 'Green Cape call' . 

The Sydney to Hobart website says: "Green Cape is at the southernmost point of NSW, 213 nm south of Sydney. It has a concrete lighthouse that began operating in 1883, the first concrete lighthouse in Australia. Today it is an important point of the Rolex Sydney Hobart course as, when boats reach its latitude of 37 degrees 15 minutes south, skippers must radio in to race officials to affirm the boat and crew are in suitable condition to enter and cross Bass Strait.

"The Green Cape Call is a direct result of the inquiry into the 1998 race tragedy in which six sailors lost their lives."