Federal Member for Eden Monaro says he's not intimidated by racist attack on office

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Federal Member for Eden Monaro Mike Kelly says he won't be intimidated. 

There has been another racist attack directed at the Federal Member for Eden Monaro, Mike Kelly.

In the latest incident parts of a pig carcass were thrown at Dr Kelly's office in Queanbeyan yesterday. Dr Kelly's wife is of Jewish heritage.

Hate material from a fascist organisation has been pasted on Dr Kelly's office, in Bega, a number of times this year, the most recent being at the beginning of the month. The propaganda has also been pasted around Bega, including near the public high school and on shop windows.

Dr Kelly has released a strong statement saying: "The series of attacks directed at my electorate offices are evidence of the need for constant vigilance and the confrontation of extremist groups in our country.

"If the perpetrators think that they will intimidate me into refraining from defending Israel or supporting our Jewish community they are deluded. Actions like this only spur me to greater efforts and commitment.

"I have faced much worse threats in my Army career, and I will continue to fight racism and ignorance wherever I find it."

A spokeswoman from Dr Kelly's office says Federal Police are investigating.