The allege fake gun man has faced Bega Local Court


29 year-old Steven Carder has faced Bega Court today, after allegedly pointing a replica gun at Bega police officers on New Years Eve last year.

A security guard notified police of a man walking along Heath Street, Bega wearing camouflage clothing.

It's alleged Carder had pointed the firearm at officers.

Police were taking no chance and called for back-up with more officers arriving on scene, police ordered Carder to drop his weapon.

Authorities will allege Carder, was also carrying a knife.

The presiding Magistrate Doug Dick says, I am really scratching my head with this one, these are serious allegations. 

Carder's defence lawyer says, that my client has no prior criminal history and had extreme levels of intoxication when the incident took place.

He was granted strict bail conditions with the matter adjourned until next month. 

Image credit:[email protected]/12404149014