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Vandals strike

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A number of Council items which serves the community have been vandalised. 

Council will be expanding there use of CCTV to increase protection of the community assets in their care.

If you have any information relating to these incidents please contact Council Rangers on 6999 2222.

A Liebherr machine location at Eden Transfer Station was broken into with all windows smashed, tampered fuel tank and all internal control panels damaged.

A total of about $12,000.00 to repair, police were called and finger prints were taken.

Due to extensive damage to the machine it was brought back to the workshop for repair.

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In Wipstick Bridge on Mt Darragh Road, theft of batteries from traffic lights worth $1,500.

Police were notified. Lights brought back for assessment and repair

While in Candelo on  Tantawanglo mountain road, an attempt to take fuel from a grader no damage was caused, however a neighbour adjacent where the grader was parked noticed 2-3 males with jerry cans and hose circling machine.

Neighbour yelled out to the group of males who then departed quickly

Police were notified and reported to fleet services.

Local police are appealing to the public for information to any of these incidents to contact them. 

Image credit: Bega Valley Council