Sapphire Coast goes Wild in Canberra

 Wonderfully Wild

After a stop-start few years of campaigning to deal with bushfires and the pandemic, Sapphire Coast Destination Marketing has said the time is right to lock into a new destination brand campaign.

With vital funding support from the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund, Sapphire Coast has launched the Wonderfully Wild Sapphire Coast campaign, with a big push into the lucrative Canberra market.

Anthony Osborne, Managing Director of Sapphire Coast Destination Marketing, said this campaign was all about a renewed focus on our strengths and building a new platform to deal with the competitive years ahead.

"We are seeing the domestic market becoming increasingly cluttered with destinations focusing on nature-based tourism. Everyone is positioning under the ‘we are so natural’ banner," Mr Osborne said.

"Whilst we will always tell the story of our incredible natural landscape and wildlife, Wonderfully Wild Sapphire Coast is designed to embrace the amazing characters, experiences and community that binds us. The creative platform is powerful and versatile and allows us to present the landscape and people as warm, welcoming and inspiring, whilst echoing our incredibly unique natural backdrop," he said.

Mr Osborne went on to describe the Canberra market as the key focus.

"It is great to have an improved investment of marketing dollars, and the temptation for some might be to try and put a tick in every box. But our campaign has a laser sharp focus on the Canberra market, it lays important building blocks to develop a long and rewarding relationship with a well-located, well-heeled market that has a strong fit to who we are, and where we want to go as a destination."

A large array of campaign imagery and video will be readily available to the tourism industry in the form of an online toolkit. A welcome initiative that will help build awareness and support according to Eden Tourism Manager, Claire Mudaliar. 

"We were fortunate to get a preview just recently and we absolutely love the campaign and look forward to getting right behind it.  The content and imagery being made available to the tourism industry will give the campaign some more legs and we will be encouraging our local businesses to make the most out of it," Claire added.

The campaign will be headlined by a beautifully crafted video to air across free-to-air and catch-up television, digital video channels, social media and google channels in Canberra from Sunday May 29. 

Image and Video Credit: Sapphire Coast Destination Marketing