Music meditation coming to South Coast

Corinne Gibbons

A Bega Valley musician is looking to help people on the south coast through a combination of music and meditation.

Corinne Gibbons, is a long-time Bega Valley resident who studied music, and has lived and worked around the world, as a performing artist and conducting team building exercises.

Corinne's sister, Danielle, a childcare worker from Bega, went missing on a diving trip to Fiji in 2004, and was never found.

Corinne, who was 36 when her 27-year-old sister disappeared, couldn't continue singing and changed careers.

"Part of what really healed me was re-engaging with music, even though I had spent a period of time not singing,"" Ms Gibbons said.

Listen to the full conversation between Corinne Gibbons and East Coast Radio Journalist James Fennessy below. 

"I just couldn't imagine being an entertainer after losing Danielle, and the whole idea of singing or fronting a band was just too much so I stopped performing," she said. 

"But it was when I re-engaged with my voice that really allowed my mental wellbeing to be stimulatred and to also allow me to express my grief."

Ms Gibbons said she created an album called Melt to help her healing, one that she will release later this year at Four Winds. 

"People often say 'how did you get over it' and you never get over it, you just learn to live with it."

Ms Gibbons will be holding a singing meidtation session for women at the Robbie Burns Hotel in Wyndham from 2pm on Sunday (May 22).

"It's a way to really celebrate every voice in the room and dropping into that meditative space," Gibbons said. 

"Singing is so good for your health, it lights up more parts of the brain than any other excericise you do on earth, and I've just written a book about it and I'll be gifting a book to
every one of the lovely ladies who will be attending."