VRA called into Bega hospital for ring removal


The Bega Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) received an unusual call for help from South East Regional Hospital on Monday.

A patient presented with a large stainless steel ring on a very swollen finger.

Hospital staff had already tried cutting through the ring with all three of their manual ring cutters but due to the hardness of the stainless steel, they didn’t get very far before all three cutting blades became blunt.

Listen to our chat with Captain of the Bega VRA, Zac Willis below. 

Captain of the Bega VRA, Zac Willis, said the team were happy to help.

"Yeah it was just mass swelling on the front side of the finger once they'd slipped it past the knuckle there and just couldn't get it back off," 

"We opted to use our Milwaukee rotary tool (dremel) and slowly but surely we were able to cut through the ring and then spread it apart far enough to be able to slide it off the person's swollen finger."

Ring Removed Bega 241121

"I think it has been on there for quite a few hours so they had a little bit of a tender finger but other than that were pretty calm throughout it." 

  When asked if the VRA usually responds to call outs such as this, Mr Willis answered "Ring removals... not too often, I've only had one more in my time in the VRA in the last five years, so yeah, not a very common one for us." 

Image Credit: Bega VRA