Freedom day comes with reduced COVID case information

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NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet called for changes to the way NSW Health delivered its daily COVID-19 case information on the day he was sworn in as leader last week.

Perrottet directed for the update to be brought forward two hours to 9am and what NSW Health has delivered on day one of the directive has frustrated shadow Health Minister and Member for Keira, Ryan Park.

After providing a variety of detailed information on cases, deaths, LHD numbers and sewage surveillance during the lockdown and before, Health authorities have this morning dished up nothing more than a handful of statistics with no substance.


Park said the people of NSW need comprehensive information.

"We need a lot more detail than what's currently available.

"Now is not the time to restrict the flow of information to the community.

"We are a long way out of this pandemic and the community deserve a lot better than that," the Shadow Health Minister said.


Park said he will be seeking advice from the government today why the daily case numbers have been presented the way they have.

"What we don't want the new Premier to do is to underestimate the importance of giving accurate, reliable and consistent information to the community.

"We saw what happened a few days ago when it was all over the place, we can't afford that lack of information to continue over the coming weeks ahead," Park said.

Images: NSW Health and Ryan Park