Bombala students over the moon


Students from St Joseph's Primary School in Bombala linked up with the International Space Station on Thursday evening. 

The school made radio contact with astronaut Shane Kimbrough as the International Space Station (ISS) passed over around 8:45pm on Thursday, travelling at approximately 25,000 kilometres per hour. 

St Joseph's principal Susan Tighe  said it was a unique experience for the students which was months in the making.

"The students get so much out of it, asking all sorts of things about 'how can you get up and down from the ISS and zero gravity," Principal Tighe said. 

"How do they keep warm up there? And it was a great answer around, when they go for space walks the extremes in temperature from minus 200 to plus 200 depending where the sun is."

The students got to ask just 10 questions but what a thrill for them to be able to ask an astronaut and get an answer back.

"There were really great questions from the students."


 St Joseph's Primary School partnered with the ARISS (Amateur radio on International Space Station) group to speak to the astronaut like Monaro High School students got to experience in May. 

"The Amateur radio group do this worldwide and it's a great program for schools to be able to ask questions as they fly across the horzion,"Principal Tighe said. 

"Our moderator Shane in Queensland ran the event over the wireless and it went really well," she said. 

"It was a great success with great community support, we thank everyone from parents to staff, the Amateur radio group and everyone involved."

Image Credit: Canva / East Coast Radio