Will the Eurobodalla save its koalas?


A draft Eurobodalla Koala Recovery Strategy has challenged business, land management, community and cultural groups to rise to the task of rescuing the Eurobodalla’s near-extinct wild koala population. 

The draft is available for comment for the next three months. 

Co-author Dr Keith Joliffe of the Eurobodalla Koala Project said “We believe this updated strategy comes at the right time for incorporation in any state-wide koala survival initiative, and offers a unique opportunity for the Eurobodalla to lead creatively within its own niche. The knowledge is there, but is the willingness?” 

The strategy addresses planning and approvals, the roles of public and private landholders, and habitat factors. It suggests business initiatives, describes a public awareness strategy, offers a set of resources and advises on vegetation connectivity, fire management and dog control. 

Dr Joliffe has told Tonia it's up to the Eurobodalla community to let local politicians know it wants the actions taken to protect the animals and help them recover.