Four Far South Coast Oyster producers claim Gold

Delicious mag

Not one but four Far South Coast Oyster Farms have claimed a gold medal in the 2020 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards. 

In the 'From the Sea category' the winners include:

We caught up with Gary Rodley from Tathra Oysters who said after over 30 years of farming oysters in Nelsons (north of Tathra) it's a proud achievement. 

"We had to learn our craft as we went along, and a lot of that is from making mistakes along the way,"  Rodley said. 

The cover of this month's delicious. magazine features a photo of a plate of Tathra Oysters. 

"It's Joanne and my new favourite oyster picture," Rodley said happily. 

It is a coup for the Far South Coast after the difficulties that the drought, bushfires and COVID-19 brought. 

"It's a multi-layered award... it's quite a complex thing to even be considered for a delicious. award," he said. 

"You need to be nominated by a chef... then you might be invited to present some product for the state judging, then... you go through to the national judging and we were lucky enough to jump those hurdles and for us to have that lovely picture on the front cover is the culmination of all of that process."

Rodley said it's a proud achievement not only for him and the team at Tathra Oysters but all of the gold medalists.

"Isn't that amazing, four oysters recgonised nationally in the judging this year and they're all within an hours drive of here [Tathra]," he said. 

"The message is there's beautiful oysters in the marketplace this year... over the summer especially." 

"You're assured of quality when you know that there's been four winners in these awards from this area..  of course all of the other growers in this area aren't going to be too far behind."