Visitors warned to check conditions after marine rescue at Batemans Bay


A father and son are lucky to be alive after their boat capsized at Batemans Bay yesterday.

Marine Rescue's Glenn Sullivan says the pair were in the water clinging to their upside down submerged vessel,  when rescued yesterday afternoon.

He said while they were only in the water for a short time they were treated for hypothermia at Hanging Rock.

He said the boy was in his early teens and his father, in his forties, were on holiday from Orange
Mr Sullivan said the pair's small runabout overturned in choppy water about 200 metres offshore, opposite Easts caravan park.

Mr Sullivan says the good news is they were wearing bright coloured life jackets, which made them to easy to see and kept them afloat, but has cautioned visitors, saying if locals aren't out, there's probably a good reason and to always check conditions first.