FOGO rates of contamination better than industry standards


Bega Valley Shire Council says its food and garden recycling and composting scheme in the shire, known as FOGO, has a low rate of contamination, However believe some people are deliberately contaminating their FOGO green bin.

In a report to council following a question from councillor Kristy McBain, council staff have indicated the contamination rate is approximately one per cent, which they say is better than industry standards.

The service was introduced to prolong the life of the Wolumla central waste facility nearly two-years ago and the compost made from FOGO is sold in the shire.

In the report staff say they are developing compliance action,  including bin audits which they hope will reduce the contamination, but say it's an unfortunate reality that some residents are deliberately contaminating their green bins and there may always be a small amount of contamination.