4 ways to remain chilled at work


With today being 'R U OK' day, it's important to ask - do we live to work or work to live? 

We can‘t always change the situation around us, but we can change the way we respond.

We work better the more centred and calm we are. Here are some things that might help you remain cool, calm and collected in times of stress.

1) Get enough sleep and rest. It can completely change your mind frame for how we approach and deal with challenges.

2) Go for a walk or do a few cheeky stretches on your lunch break!

3) Give your mind a time out - find somewhere quiet, or grab your headphones. Listen to some calming music or use a mindfulness app for e.g. Insight Timer (free to download). Give yourself 5 -10mins to take some deep breaths in, let go of worries and concentrate on being in your body. We run around all day and so does our mind!
This is a good way to ground ourselves.

4) Write down a to do list and prioritise your day.