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The shower habits you need to ditch


1. Washing your face

It makes sense that when you're in the shower you might as well wash your face but it's actually not a good idea. The water you shower in will typically be much hotter than what you'd wash with in a sink. The higher water temperature can dry out your skin. 

2. Not Washing Your Feet

If you think your feet are standing in water the whole time so they're getting washed anyway you'd be wrong. Think about what your feet could be picking up everyday when you're walking about. There’s no excuse for just letting the soap suds run down to your toes anymore—imagine what you’re bringing into your bed every night without giving those feet a good wash.

3. Avoiding Cold Showers

Cold showers can actually be beneficial for your skin and hair, and you only need to stand under the cold water for 30 seconds to see a difference. A blast of cold water is said to improve your immune function, increase your metabolism, and increase the amount of stress you can tolerate. 

4. Washing Your Hair Daily

If you notice that your hair always looks damaged and feels dry no matter what you do, it’s likely that your shower water is too hot and you’re washing your hair way too often. Unless you’re someone who likes to work out every single day, you really only need to wash your hair a few times a week at most—and those with curly or extremely coarse hair should try to cut that down to once a week.Washing too often dries out your scalp, which makes it produce more oil to compensate.

5. Reusing Dirty Towels 

You may be thinking your towel can't get that dirty if it's drying your clean body right? You can use it two or three times if you hang it up to air dry after every use. Dead skin cells can cling to your towel and, when you don't let it dry properly, there's a big risk for bacterial growth.